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Winter 2018 Men’s and Women’s Weekends information:

Men’s Weekend #249

Women’s Weekend #250

What is a DeColores Weekend?

Those who have attended a DeColores weekend seldom discuss its details. Relax—there’s nothing secret or unorthodox about what takes place. Words simply don’t do justice to its impact. Besides, the fewer preconceptions you bring with you, the more open you’re likely to be to whatever God has in store for you. Make no mistake; He has things planned that will be uniquely yours!

The DeColores weekend has a theme and characteristics that give it structure. You can expect:

  • A three-day interdenominational retreat filled with singing, praying, and praising God.
  • An atmosphere of loving, accepting Christian community where personal stories are shared (though never forced), confidences are honored, grief is comforted, joys are celebrated, and hearts are healed.
  • A time of being freely and lavishly served in ways that will deepen your appreciation for the family of God.
  • Teachings by lay leaders and clerics that emphasize piety, study, and action, and that connect biblical principles to realities of human hearts and experiences.
  • No hidden costs and no strings attached.

Many people who attend the DeColores weekend consider it to be a landmark in their Christian experience. Expect to have your understanding of what ‘church’ is all about expanded in a huge way!

When It’s Over…Then What?

The ‘Fourth Day,” that’s what. It’s our way of saying that after three days of mountaintop encounters with the Holy Spirit, the DeColores experience doesn’t come to an abrupt end—just a new phase. Now you head back into your ordinary life with a new sense of grace, vision, and spiritual sensitivity. The “Fourth Day” is the rest of your life, lived in partnership with God and strengthened by the fellowship of believers.

The DeColores community provides ongoing support with meetings (called Second Sundays), small reunion groups and Fourth Day Workshops. In other words, you’ve got family! Through the months and years ahead, we continue to encourage each other, spur each other on to good works, and help each other grow in our love for God, others, and ourselves.