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Many new crusistas desire to share the DeColores experience with others, but how do they do that? How does one go about “sponsoring” a candidate?  Here’s what you need to know.

To sponsor a candidate for a DeColores Weekend, you must have them fill out a Candidate Application. The candidate only has to fill out page 1; you as the sponsor must fill out Page 2, which is the sponsor’s recommendation. You also pay the $10 application fee on behalf of the candidate, which is part of your palanca to them.

Your role as a sponsor is to take responsibility for your candidate’s well-being before, during, and after the weekend. This includes many things:

  • Make sure your candidate is ready for the Weekend and committed to attending, starting Thursday night and ending Sunday evening.
  • Help your candidate send in their application. Once their application has been received, an invitation will be sent to them by the Pre-DeColores board member. Please make sure your candidate is aware that they need to RSVP. The contact information for the RSVP is on their invitation.
  • If your candidate has any special dietary requirements, make sure they are listed on the application. Part of your palanca to your candidate is bringing in whatever special food items your candidate needs during the Weekend.
    Help take care of any personal concerns that would stop your candidate from attending the weekend. For example, you may volunteer to watch their children during the Weekend.
  • At the start of the Weekend on Thursday evening, drive your candidate to the facility. For the sake of the team getting ready, please do not arrive any earlier than the check-in time, which is listed on their invitation (usually 6:30pm).
  • When you drop them off Thursday night, stay to have some cookies with your candidate! Even if you are the opposite sex of your candidate, you are more than welcome to mingle in the fellowship area. Your presence will help ease your candidate into the Weekend. And plan to attend the sponsor’s chapel, which is usually at 8pm Thursday night.
  • It’s also very important to attend Holy Hour Friday night, the church service Sunday morning, and the Serenade and Closing Sunday night.
  • During the Weekend, bring in palanca for your candidate! Palanca can be simple. Many sponsors drop this off when they come to Holy Hour (look for containers marked for palanca). Especially meaningful are notes from family and friends.
  • Above all, pray for your candidate! Of all the palanca you give them, this is by far the most significant.